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Last Updated: May 31, 2015

Congrats to the following students who received a perfect 100% on their written final exam:
Amer Aldabah
Ethan Alisangco
Clark Carver
Julian Garcia
Cathleen Liang
Brooke Mamu
Jocelyn Miller
Bhargav Nallamothu
Emma Reid

The Calendar link on the left is now current and as accurate as it can be for now. Please click on the link to mark your calendars for important dates!!

You should have brought in the $40 band fee by now.  Regarding all money to ever be paid at Fertitta M.S., we don't accept checks, so please pay in cash or money order.

Contact Mr. Reid with any questions at

Here are some GREAT online tools to help you practice!

Online Metronome
Another online Metronome

Online Tuner

Listen for pitch accuracy

Listen to concert band music online